News about crime abroad seems to focus on women. Though rape in India is less frequent than in most developed countries, the press covers it disproportionately. The latest article about an unfortunate American woman in India, who was raped, includes that she got into a truck with three strange men. Obviously she did not deserve to be raped or hurt anyway, but would you get into a truck with strangers of any type and anywhere?

My issue with the coverage is that the media uses her case to publish endless articles about women and safety, describing us a victims. It does not extol those women who travel smart even if in groups. Years ago, one of the women in our group left with a man she met on the plane. Another colleague told him she would call the police, if this woman did not return in one week. She wrote down his passport information and id information. In today’s world, you must travel with a smart phone and be able to photograph anyone and any id you wish then transmit it someone on the spot.

Women should forgo one travel purchase and bring a phone with service not just a wifi connection. Then please use it.

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