How long have we been around?
Phyllis founded the original Women’s Travel Club in 1992, the only women’s travel company ever acquired by a major tour operator. The Women’s Travel Group is the successor company. It is accredited by IATAN’s high standards, licensed for travel insurance and partnering on many trips with a leading tour operator. Twice we  have won  Silver Magellan Awards for our outreach to solo women travelers.
What makes us different?
We are professionals with 27 year relationships with guides, airlines and hotels. We follow you from departure from your airport to destination, and there is always a 24/7 number to call. We control trips, so we can add a last minute festival, event or parade. We are the only women’s travel group who also arrange private tours for groups.
Who travels with us?
Women of all ages and backgrounds, married and single, most traveling alone. We come from all over N America. Not everyone is experienced. Some have lived overseas and share their expertise. Many women are repeat travelers; others are new. You receive a list of everyone before the trip. We make you feel part of the group from the day you book your trip.
What is the personality of the group?
The Women’s Travel Group is casual, informed, and welcoming. We help and respect each other. We do not tolerate snobbery or nastiness. We do not allow smoking. You find many women on our Facebook  page to share experiences with you.
We offer unusual experiences, but always include highlights. We organize a smart efficiently run, well paced, not rushed trip. Shopping at the ‘guide’s nephew’s jewelry store’ is not included. Occasional shopping at a women’s cooperative might be. Arthur Frommer called our itineraries: colorful and a valuable asset for women who want to travel with other women. We often have an intriguing speaker or home visit.
Pricing: Our trips are very inclusive; packed with wonderful experiences. If you wish to skip an event, that is fine. We include more in our trips than other groups which sell options.
Has everyone traveled extensively? 
Some women are carrying a first passport; others have lived and worked overseas.
Size of group?
Generally 10-15. Our goal is for you to make new friends and to walk into a restaurant or museum and not look like The Great Serengeti Migration.
Solo travelers?
Most women come solo. We guarantee shares on some trips (see Tours Pages) to avoid single charges. A limited number of single rooms are available.
What type of hotels?
4-5 Star hotels except in remote areas then best available – more than comfortable, often elegant, safe, central, charming. Most have ample creature comforts, WiFi, some have spas. We encourage you to check all our hotels on
Escorts and guides?
Trips are professionally, carefully organized and guided. Many are escorted. Guides are chosen for expertise and willingness to share cultural, historic and political insights.
Airline ticketing and FF tickets?
We arrange travel from any city. You may also use FF tickets and we give you advice on how to maximize your FF mileage. We welcome travel agents to book our trips for their clients.
Inclusions and Terms and Conditions?
Linked to each trip page; all trips are non refundable a minimum of 90 days before departure unless noted differently on the itinerary/booking form.
Where are we on Facebook & Why bother with it?
Facebook is an ongoing reflection of what women say about us. We are found here on Facebook and we encourage you to check it for specials, travel news for women, single supplement deals, and comments and suggestions from our group.