Why is it that most women do not treat themselves to travel, but will splurge the same money on clothes? weekly hair? insane shoes? or on their grandchildren????

It is time to treat yourself and if looking for a special item, try one of the nation’s most famous resorts: Canyon Ranch Health Resort, during the peak week for changing leaves in New England.

Three decisions you need to make:

1- Will this kind of trip last longer in changing my lifestyle? The answer here is most definitely if you keep your eyes and ears open. The talks, classes, outdoor walks, even the literature in your deluxe room will change how you deal with life.

2- Will going with a group but as a solo be comfortable? Many going with a group for the 35% discount but also to meet other women who love to travel. Friends are indecisive, have different budgets, or are just not adventurous. Going to Canyon Ranch with other women is a segue to new travel friends.

3- Why is this place so famous? That is hard to answer until you arrive and see the activities/events calendar. From your hair to your toes and all that other stuff in between can be touched by some event at The Ranch.

So look at their regular site: www.canyonranch.com then book with us for the Columbus Weekend Savings!