As many have asked, weather is not the same in Buenos Aires or Capetown as in NY or Boston, which have reverse seasons, being North of the Equator. As much as BA or Capetown look equi-distant from the Equator as NY or Boston, they are not.

Buenos Aires and Capetown have weather more like that in Los Angeles, even though they appear on the map to mirror NY or Boston.  Rainy seasons are also different. Buenos Aires has rain spread out all year. Capetown is known to have four seasons in one day.

Since the Middle Ages, map makers have used Latitudes to measure North South position on our Maps.  Please ask us about weather and clothing on our trips!

Next trip with our group is Argentina August 8-20 with Los Angeles weather and Argentine sass. Phyllis Stoller escorts the group in her Uniqlo jacket and long sleeved shirts.