Statistically women do more research than men for choices on travel. But research is hard to find for more exotic travel. So after reading the brochures (If any), women will  go behind the scenes to get the ‘skinny’.

Where do we go? We use review sites. Love them or hate them, statistically review sites are used by women  more than men. We rely on Tripadvisor,Yelp, Chowhound, Trivago, and others.

Women know how to filter out whinny women- a necessary evil-, so we are experts in filtering out whinny reviews. Exotic travel is hard to gauge; there are few choices for women’s tours. Most are from university or highly priced tours we trust just because of the price. The Women’s Travel Group does fill this void and we always suggest you research our hotel choices!

So here is what we suggest: if you travel to far flung places, and find good accommodation, quality guides, terrific cuisine: take the initiative and put it on your review site of choice. Be specific : when you were there, a unique experience or food you had, who you were with, something to show it is a reliable review. You will be doing all of us who love exotic travel a service AND you will help a deserving company overseas reach our market effectively.

Join us to India or Morocco this year! But first check out our choices on line. Take advantage of our solo traveler savings.