Forget about crazily expensive lists in most magazines.

Here is’s list:

1. Collection of tiny cosmetics from a fine brand like Kiehls.
2. Clip on light for your Kindle or Ipad
3. 2 hour instruction from a geek on every travel app including the Passbook function on a iphone.
4. Colorful security straps for luggage.
5. a cheap pay as you go phone with 20 minutes in it for overseas usage.
6. a good passport or visa photograph from a studio for all your visas and new passports.
7. one year subscription to the airport Frequent Traveler Program ($99)?
8. a pre-departure mani/pedi given with a bottle of replacement polish and travel polish remover pads.
9 A swiss card with many useful tools inside.
10. a longchamps nylon bag, prices vary.