Here are the five items we risk forgetting. I just packed for The Women’s Travel Group Istanbul trip, so these important things are fresh in my mind!

Photo of everything important that I removed from my wallet. Always clear out your wallet with cards you will not need. Photograph others like AAA which you might need in a pinch?

An electric plug for the outlets in an airport where yo have a long layover. Say you have 4 hours in Britain and want to recharge your phone, you will need to pack a UK 3 prong square adapter.

Lock for your carry on or anything you might put under the seat in front of you. When you go to the toilets, lock everything and anything you are leaving behind.

Rain hat just in case. is a must for the day you are leaving.

Extra loose change to donate to UNESCO or another bona fide charity. It will do more good there than clinking around in your suitcases.

Travel tips from with a few spaces left on Paris for the Holidays Dec 21-28. We do accept last minute bookings if we possibly can!