• Five Summer Travel Tips Women Need

    Five Summer Travel Tips Women Need

    Please share this with friends who make these mistakes. I do too on some Women’s Travel Group trips, so don’t fear you are the only one.

    Wrong clothes: Americans are used to frigid air conditioning in hotels and restaurants. Overseas, air conditioning is sometimes centrally controlled by the hotel or building.  Some restaurants will be open to the street or plazas. Wardrobe should be light and layered. Invest in some linen shirts and or quick dry synthetics. Cotton can be heavy, hard to dry.…

  • Five Things to Unplug in Your Hotel

    Five Things to Unplug in Your Hotel


    We live in a world of beeps and bings and alarms and sirens. When you are on vacation in a hotel, what you need is silence.  Getting a good night’s sleep is a big factor in enjoying your trip. Being a solo in a hotel room and interrupted by one of these noises is even more disconcerting.

    Here are some of the things you should unplug:

    1 The hotel room alarm clock!!!! This is the worst surprise, when the prior guest has used the alarm to catch a 1AM flight and the clock is still programmed.…

  • Why are Solo Women Afraid to Travel Part 3

    Why are Solo Women Afraid to Travel Part 3

    This is part 3 of our ‘walkthrough of a trip’ illustrating why women are scared to travel.

    Part 1 was a general introduction.

    Part 2 covered  Find the trip you want, we’ll walk through the itinerary to identify scary parts. 1- Did the luggage arrive? 2-Is someone there to meet me? 3-If my plane is delayed, should I get hysterical?

    Part 3  Can you sleep in this hotel? Will you be ok in a room alone? What if you can’t do something on the trip?…

  • Why Are Solo Women Scared to Travel?

    Everyday we get calls and emails, some are to book trips and some are to say you are scared to book a trip. Some have booked trips and call to say they are still scared and nervous. Lets take apart a trip and try to experience it ahead of time to take the scared part away.

    First here is Phyllis’ first trip alone. I flew to London, made it to the apartment where I was staying. Hungry and nervous about going out for dinner alone at night time, I went a nearby restaurant.…

  • Deadlines for Saving $$$: Sicily and Christmas Cruise for Women

    Deadlines for Saving $$$: Sicily and Christmas Cruise for Women

    Sicily $2899 save $150 if booked by April 1  on www.thewomenstravelgroup.com Sicily trip.

    Danube AMA Waterways Save as a single if booked by March 31. Join us for Christmas and NYear’s.

    Phyllis@thewomenstravelgroup.com or 646 309 5607 to book or chat.

    Why spend more than you have to? If  you are hankering for

    gorgeous hill top villages facing a blue blue sea,

    fabulous food fresh from organic farms, wines to wash it down,

    Greek and Roman ruins on spectacular mountain tops

    Christmas markets full of candy and Italian goodies (it is Orange season, buy some crystalized orange slices- to die for)

    all topped off with a medieval parade in Palermo with music, costumes, streets lit with candles and chanting…

  • TSA and 5 Items Not to Wear or Carry

    TSA and 5 Items Not to Wear or Carry

    The Trump Administration is considering 11% cuts in the TSA Budget. If that means faster yet more intrusive searches, women need to rethink what we wear and what we carry. Especially if you are traveling alone on one of our trips, you don’t want to be delayed while your carry on sits away from sight.




    Here are  items that should be left home, substituted or packed in your suitcase. Here are some tips from The Women’s Travel Group:

    The big one: underwired bras.

  • How Smart Women Salvaged Weather Torn Vacations

    Weather has always been an issue. Current weather patterns are even more disruptive to travel. Be prepared and smart. To save your vacation The Women’s Travel Group is sharing some tips if bad weather seems imminent. First travel insurance: we always offer it when you book a trip. Our insurer is Travelinsured, reliable, 24/7 emergency phone help, and wonderful to work with.

    How smart women saved their vacations:

    Member from Minnesota was told by her airline that a connection in Newark was cancelled due to snow. …

  • Five reasons to grab last place: Yucatan/Merida

    A simple list should be enough to convince one of our Facebook pals to takethe last room: Dec 2-7 or stay on.

    Weather: sunny warm and fresh.
    Budget: The Peso at an all time low!
    Scenes: UNESCO Heritage sites amidst flowers and birds.
    Food: corn,chocolate,chili, beef, yum
    Friends: Travel with a Group of new friends from Texas? NY? CA? FL? IN?…

  • Why Mexico and Why Never a Cruise to Mexico?

    We are the only women’s group with Tours to Mexico.  We never cruise there….Why?

    There are at least 10 reasons:

    Cruise ports are Disney’d ways to enter Mexico.  Built for 1,000’s of tourists, loaded on buses, they erase the beauty seeing a pyramidor glimpsing a green parrot in the jungle.

    Mexico means value; the US Dollar is 35% higher and $20 will get you an amazing gift.

    Fine dining is reasonable and memorable. The number of special restaurants in culinary capitals like Puebla is staggering.…

  • Why You Need to Call Your Tour Operator

    Why You Need to Call Your Tour Operator


    Please share with friends who have special needs they are reluctant to talk about.
    Why should you also call your tour operator? Sometimes speaking with us at The Women’s Travel Group, brings up other questions you forgot or were nervous to ask.

    Example: A woman was hesitant. When we spoke with her, she told us she was on the heavy side and worried that she might not fit in.

    Some questions are easier to answer verbally. Example: A woman asked if she, as an older lady, could do our trips?…

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