The good, the bad and the ugly. We offer shared accommodations on almost all our trips. And we also offer insurance so that if your share cancels, you are covered for the single supplement.

The good: you save a bunch of money! You can chat at night and have someone else in the room if you are a novice traveler.

The bad: you have to be polite and considerate in the room, but we find our travelers are terrific that way. And you might have to share a key?

The ugly: well someone else will see you first thing in the morning!

Sharing if you are a solo traveler is a split of room costs without the responsibility of taking care of your room mate.  Being tied at the hip is not necessary as you are with the group from breakfast thru dinner!

The Women’s Travel Group trips can be found on We are booking 2015 trips now. And we have a bit of room left on Morocco for Thanksgiving.