Reason one is $200 more trip cost after July 1. The group is more than 2/3 full already.

Reason two is 3,000 years of history washed down with wine and fantastic food.

Reason three is the newest trendy tourist discovery: Palermo, our first stop.

Reason four is the ‘sights and sounds experience’ of walking in the mists of time during an ancient religious festival to the Basilica at night in Palermo.  Sicily has history for Catholics, Jews, Muslims at a crossroads location.

Reason five is the Norman palaces, Greek theaters, Roman temples and Agri-Tourism Farm restaurants. Take your choice, but do it before July 1.

Since there are Christmas markets full of food to bring home, we need to sneak that in as a reason.

The Women’s Travel Group invites You to Join us. Shares guaranteed so no single supplement unless you want a paid single.



The Whole Shebang: Sicily


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