Traveling in the rain does not ruin your trip.Besides bringing a teeny umbrella, here a few ways not to ruin a rain day. Toss a baseball cap into your luggage and wear a light shower cap under it for drizzle. Invest in a Gap type hooded rain parka-unlined- or a Gortex golf jacket. In worst cases use a Hefty Bag for heavy downpours that are unavoidable. Cut out arm and head holes and protect part of your body/clothes. Yes you will look dumb but who’s looking?

Most important, forget about how you appear, and enjoy your rain day anyway. When back in the hotel, hang all that wet stuff over the a/c or heater and dry, using chip clips to suspend on the curtains above the heater/ac.

Join us to Argentina this Summer Last spots being booked now. No rain in that picture.