We offer travel insurance for all of The Women’s Travel Group trips. Did you know that 80% of cancellations are due to pre-existing conditions? And who doesn’t have one at this stage of the game? Pre x is anything you went to the doctor for in the 60 days prior to booking your trip. There are exceptions, of course, for stabilized conditions and we can send you more specific language. But the cost of insurance is well worth it, if you do have to cancel  you visited the doc during the specified time.

A new feature of our insurance is it covers the cost of replacing your ff mile ticket into your airline account  usually around $150 but can be more). It covers identify theft help services, if this happens when you are overseas (it did happen to my Skype account two weeks ago). It also covers any extra expense if your room share/friend cancels during the trip, then leaves the group and you have a single supplement to pay. This has never happened, just a note.

Finally you get 14 days to actually cancel the policy altogether and get a full refund, as long as you did not make a claim.