There are certain no no’s if you wish to travel to more exotic places and NOT get sick. This blog post might sound too conservative but why lose your hard earned money and days on a trip when you get sick?

  1. Shell fish, unless you are in a fine restaurant adjacent to the sea!
  2. Fish on weekends or after holidays. In some countries, fish is not delivered on weekends, Mondays or holidays….your fish will be old.
  3. Cut up fruit cocktail, not everyone washes hands when cutting fruit.
  4. Too much olive oil, in The Middle East  delicious oils saturate foods and your stomach might not be used to it.
  5. Hidden unwashed fruits and veggies, ie tomato or mango bits in salsa .
  6. Fruit drinks that are diluted with water, ie on some breakfast buffets, orange juice is part local water.
  7. Unwrapped nuts and candy in bowls at hotels, restaurants etc.  They look tempting.
  8. Buffet mayo or other condiments, look for those in sealed packages.
  9. Ice even if distilled water.
  10. Always test that the bottle of water you just bought has actually been machine sealed. Do not drink from the bottle– consider bringing a cup or straws with you.

Safe rather than sorry is the mantra. There is plenty of good food to eat besides the above no no’s. Travel tips from The Women’s Travel Group. Our trips include fine dining at only inspected restaurants. Take a last minute spot on Mexico City, Berlin or S. Africa. Many more on line.