Here are ‘reasonable reasons’ for combat: and we hope you agree with them. If not let us know by posting here.

Whining: Solve any issue immediately even if it seems insgnificant. You will be surprised at how flexible The Women’s Travel Group can be. However everyone gets one day to whine…. maybe just a little. After jet lag, for instance on our India trip, everyone will be tired, go with it.
Regretting: If you wanted to buy something or think you overpaid for it, move on. You love it?  Buy it! In India and Morocco  especially, you will be overwhelmed with bargains. Buy what you want and when and don’t get carried away by pennies.
Schlepping:  If you are a clothes lover, control  packing and use hotel laundry. It is cheaper to pay a hotel than to do rehab for your back.  And carrying excessively means losing and dropping….and delays for all of us.
Photography  /s hopping / other manias: Be aware of our  rich and interesting schedules.  If you love to shop, do it separately and same for photography. Our tours have pockets of time for individual pursuits. For instance in Morocco, we have extra guides to return with us  to the souks to buy or photograph Moroccan life to our heart’s content. In South Africa our trained scouts will help you with the best photo.
Hogging: Share the front seats amicably. If you are hearing impaired, get car sick or have other special needs, tell us up front. We will make sure you are accommodated discreetly. Most women are understanding about these situations anyway.

We have a great group of women travelers.   Agatha Christie would have loved traveling with us, but as she is not, just obey some simple rules. That way we will not have to get the Butler to do you in.