This book merits a blog post. Besides the scenery from films like Lawrence of Arabia, filmed in Morocco There is one weird and wonderful book to read. The Sheltering Sky by Paul Bowles.

Morocco sits on the doorstep of Europe, West Africa and the Atlantic route to the Americas. It’s position and natural scenery make it exotic yet close to North American shores.  Morocco is the perfect first travel experience to a non European area. We say this because while scenery and sites are exotic, language is French, roads modern, souks welcoming and bursting with bargains, and hotels/food to our standards. This is a movie set trip without the crowds and the variety of landscape you rarely find in a small country.

Join us Dec 23-30 for an amazing trip with new friends to spend the best holiday of your life .

Our price is the lowest of comparable trips. And of course, no single supplement for solo travelers who sign up for a room mate.