Yes tour leaders get sick and hurt also! I recently had to cancel a trip due to a serious back issue.  Now in preparing for another overseas trip, here is a plan which might be helpful for your out there. The Women’s Travel Group shares some tips:non medical as we are not doctors, just women who love to travel. 

Get the right amount of sleep.

Get the right quality of sleep: meaning no wine, light dinners, early to bed.

Lighten your suitcase and re-evaluate. Start with heavier items like shoes. Most older feet can wear the same shoes each day with a break at night. Invest in light weight Tom’s or cheap canvas substitutes for dinner and hotel walk arounds.

Next tackle the wardrobe: yes you can wear the same dark pants 3 days or more!!  If you do not have leggings-pants, now is the time to buy a pair. You do not have to be skinny to wear them, just toss on a big shirt. Cotton tees do not dry so either pay for laundry or substitute with a  nylon tee  you wear in the gym-black works. As you use products,  measure your personal items: shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer and only take what you need. Refill empty containers which already have weight amounts on the labels, if you plan to carry on any liquids or gels. (Save light empty containers from products you use at home. ie. The red jar of Oil of Olay is too heavy for travel, so plop some of the product into a lighter jar). Wash your hair daily: mix some of your shampoo with hotel shampoo to lessen weight. 

Continue to look at the airplane seating chart; seats open up weekly as do upgrades. You might be able to move to a more comfortable seat. 

Go back to your stretching routine if you have one.  Make a note of what times of day are hardest. If you need Tylenol or Ibuprofen, bring gels they work faster and bring enough so you don’t have to find a pharmacy.  

In the departure lounge, if you need to sit and there are others hogging seats, do not hesitate to ask to move their backpacks. If they say: ‘my friend is coming’. You say: ‘I will move when that person gets here’. 50% of the time no friend arrives. Be nice but be firm. 

Your own travel pillow can be a best friend on the plane. Buy a soft one rather than the inflatable kind. Bright color: so you don’t leave it when you deplane.

On the plane, ask for help in lifting your suitcase overhead. There is usually a person who is willing! A benefit of getting older is other travelers see their grandmothers in you. 

Take it easy for the first few days of the trip until you feel better. Miss days rather than the whole trip. 

Hopefully you do not need to cancel and have bought our travel insurance beforehand. Ask us to help you with your claim. 

Travel tips for the achy tour operator from The Women’s Travel Group.

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