Christmas in Morocco

Thanksgiving in Morocco

After a long day working, don’t you wish the hotel bar were less intimidating and less noisy? Tips to find the right hotel with the right amenities for women:
Living Lobbies: these are lobbies that incorporate the bar into a larger living space. So you can sit away privately from the bar and have your glass of wine.
Magazine and newspaper racks: these say, come relax and read without being bothered.
Armchairs in bar areas: armchairs let you sit alone and enjoy your drink; they insinuate you wish to be left alone.
Computer outlets: people work in these areas, not just get blastered.

So when you choose a hotel, also look at the photos of the bar to see if this is a good fit for women traveling solo or in a group. And if you are on our trips:, then meet us for a friendly drink or just a chat before dinner together. Upcoming tours are India, Peru, Argentina and Sicily.