In a British hospital having my first son, Nick, a nurse told me to buy earplugs to block noise, when he was in the nursery. In Britain in those days, mothers recovered from childbirth in a room with 5 others and all 6 babies. One or two nights the babies stayed in the nursery to give us rest before going home.

Earplugs have been my best friend ever since. If you are a light sleeper or just want extra guarantees while traveling, invest in earplugs. While you do not want to be totally deaf in case of an emergency or missing your wake up call….they will help.

Women statistically are worst sleepers than men, especially while traveling. When you join our group the next morning, be confident that everyone is as tired, jet lagged or just travel worn as you are. But you at least had a back up plan.Knowing you feel the same as they do, is a confidence builder. Women have told me that feeling tired on the first day of an international trip makes them anxious, so look around at the group of women and you will see yourself…

PS Nick is now a Hollywood director: The Muppets, The Five Year Engagement, Forgetting Sarah Marshall and more to come. Wear earrings not earplugs to his movies.

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