Spa and Fitness trips for women require preparation if you want to get the most out of your stay and your $$ investment? Each year we go to Ixtapan Fitness and Spa Resort.  several times.

Clothes: This is not a fashion show.  Don’t worry about your wardrobe. Bring what is comfortable, especially your shoes and/or walking shoes for rain days. Do not bring brand new sneakers or hiking shoes; you will regret your purchase if they are uncomfortable and you are not near stores. Even if you buy the same show model of your old shoes, each shoe is slightly different. Each will need some breaking in well before you leave home.

Sleep: The night before you leave, get good sleep and go to bed early. At most health resorts there is an early am walk, good to start your day at a spa and fitness resort.  The AM walk  is an excellent way to meet other guests if you are solo. Finding a few familiar faces relieves the stress of being away from home.

Preparation and looking through the site of your resort: As you are spending your hard-earned $$, make the most of your stay. Decide  what you will do when. If you cannot decide, it is always fun to go for the activities that you know the least about, and are the most skeptical of. That way you open your mind to new ideas, which is part of the overall experience. Examples might be a Thai massage? A special facial? Even a crazy color nail polish? Start small and build up your experiences. 

Finally: remember that the time at a spa or fitness trip is yours, you are with our group but under no obligation to join anything or stay to the end of any class or walk.

We always book for dinner so solo women have a table of friendly faces. But if you wish to eat with others, your money, your choice, and your trip!! On The Women’s Travel Group trips, we supply the whole experience and the rest is yours.  No one is left alone and everyone is taken care of. See more here:  



fitness tours with The Women's Travel Group
A group of walkers at Ixtapan Resort