1–Do not sit next to the airplane window, unless you are wearing heavy socks.
2–Do not overdress, but layer with room in your carry on for the second layer you will take off (too easy to forget!)
3–Do not wear black on top as it will match the airplane floor and you might not see it in a rush to make a second flight.
4–Do not assume taxi availability; know the public transportation alternative in your city.
5–Bring your own airport food; assume airport personnel levels might be light due to weather delays. And flight delays will make food lines intolerable. And may we suggest ( in a public blog) bring some toilet paper should it run out in the airport.

If joining The Women’s Travel Group on a trip, remember to hand carry any paperwork you might need if delayed. This paperwork will have important phone numbers to call if your transfer has to be changed. If you are traveling solo, the number is even more critical! Most of our women tours have solo women traveling by the way.


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