A number of women responded to the comment that Jeans make American women targets overseas.

Here is why I don’t wear jeans anymore on trips:

They are heavy. Switch them out of your travel wardrobe, and switch in lightweight conservative colored walking/hiking pants. These can look like street clothes if you choose the ones without leg pockets. I wear Royal Robbins, LL Bean, Columbia, but there are many. I look for those that have hidden pockets and deep ones. (Great places to tuck some money for incidentals). Some spandex helps the look. Some golf clothes work also if you can avoid golf brash colors. These pants can work even in sophisticated cities in Argentina.

Jeans and comfort: the skinny ones are tight and doctors say not to wear tight clothes on airplanes for risk of DVT. If you really want to show off your body, wear leggings. Target, Uniqlo, Eileen Fisher, everyone sells these. The only issue I have found is that on long flights, your knees get an extra pressure. And the more expensive ones take a long time to dry. If traveling with us to India, wear a long long shirt as this is a conservative country.

Jeans and hotel laundry: it is impossible to wash jeans in the sink if you are cheap like me. Using hotel shampoo when not remembering to bring detergent, you can wash lightweight pants and dry them over the a/c or with your hairdryer. Most of the fabrics today say light iron needed, but most hang nicely as they dry.

So jeans are out for travel on this end. And well made outdoor clothes are in. Buy the best you can afford and they will last a very long time!

(PS consider buying a size bigger if you are going to souks or crowded areas, then you can tuck your money belt under the pants). An added bonus is you can eat off your diet and they will still fit.

Please send in suggestions of what you wear on trips, especially if you bought clothes online and were satisfied. Or found a super cheap brand that looks reasonable.

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