If you do not eat these food items on your first day of an overseas trip, you will feel and look better:the photo here is from our healthy Mexican Party at Ixtapan Spa in February 2014.

1- Too many salty pretzels or other salty snack. These can include hidden salt as in dried meats,ham,salamis as on our trip to Sicily.
2- Too much oil of any kind: hidden in roasted veggies, salads, on bread or drizzled on other dishes as hummus or on steak in our Argentina trip.
3- more than 2 helpings of fresh fruit especially if you are over-eating off a buffet with unmeasured amounts as in our spa trips.
4- any raw or undercooked fish or seafood- we do not serve these as a general rule.
5- eat yogurt ( say on our India trip) slowly at first until you know its chemical effect on your digestion. Each country has a different mix in yogurt.
6- do not drink more than a glass or two of wine until you are completely over jet lag ( Sicily, it will be hard there).

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