• Airport Security Line Annoyances

    For those of you who paid $99 per year to whisk through security at 22 airports with Global Entry…. guess what: your whisking is not guaranteed. The press has been covering travelers who were denied quick GE lines despite their status. And the same goes for you FF Fliers. I flew to Los Angeles last week as a Gold AA member. Special treatment? No way, there was no line at all for upgraded passengers, even First Class (I was not) queued with us serfs.…

  • Snow Delay Travel Tips

    Weather is responsible for 40% of all plane cancellations. Although airlines prepare ahead of a storm, they do not cancel flights until same day. An annoying practice for us. One trick is to look at flight tracker sites to see which flights are arriving and which arrivals are cancelled. Airlines will begin to cancel arrivals before departures which gives you a vague heads up.

    Travel insurance will cover costs associated with weather messes.…

  • Stephanie Abrams, travel expert, interviews Phyllis Stoller

    On February 17, 2013, the interview with Stephanie Abrams, will air and remain on line. We will publish it also here. It is an honor to be asked onto her select show. More of Stephanie Abrams insights are on sabrams.com

    In the meantime, check out ‘Rumors’, a mystery thriller from Stephanie Abrams. This book will literally make your airplane ride ‘fly by’. You can buy it on Amazon.

  • Peter Greenberg Posts Our Tips for Travel for Women 50+

    We are delighted that travel guru, Peter Greenberg, has posted our Top Ten Tips for 50+ Women Traveling on his excellent site: www.petergreenberg.com. We collected these from several of our travelers and appreciate their input. When, or if, you need to know if a trip is good for you, we are happy to go over it in-depth on the phone or by email.

    Happy and Healthy Traveling to China, Argentina, India and stay tuned for more.

    The Tips are on This Link and listed below also.…

  • All Women Travel

    The traveler sees what she sees, the tourist sees what she has come to see.

    On our trips we balance the beauty and exotica of our destinations, with the differences in our worlds. One of the unique characteristics of travel with all women, is the exchange of opinion and experiences. Women love to share thoughts and visions and many of us stay pals after the trip is over. A conversation can range from brainy themes to what ever happened to hair rollers.…

  • The Women's Travel Group Selected as an Approved Travel Specialist

    We are delighted that The Three Tomatoes group for women in NY has selected us for their members’ travel. For those of you who live in or visit NY, the group does fun local activities.
    Check them out at www.thethreetomatoes.com. Their mantra is the insiders guide to NYC for women who aren’t kids.…

  • Airline Rules Contested

    The papers today suggest that the announcement: “You must stay in your cabin and class of service”, is not actually an airline rule! However if you breach instructions and ,heaven forbid, push back the curtain or use the business class toilets, yikes, staff might strong arm you. Suggestions here:
    1. Get all names of staff involved. If they say they will contact the captain write down his/her name as well. Be discreet.
    2. Record witnesses’ statements on your phone.
    3. Send a certified letter to the airline asking for an apology- they will not compensate you so just go for the apology then tell the world.…

  • Cold Weather Airplane Tips from www.thewomenstravelgroup.com

    Tips for Cold Weather Airplane Travel from Thewomenstravelgroup.com

    1. Do not assume you do not need a winter coat. Even if  flying to the Caribbean, take it in case of unexpected detours.

    2. Sitting near the airplane window is chilly around the feet, wear knee socks and warmer than normal shoes. Try to insulate the plane wall with your coat or other.

    3.  If you get on the plane first, take one of the increasingly few blankets and use it! Or buy a cheap fleece one at a Target/Sears/TJMaxx type of store.…

  • Mary Beth Bond, Gutsy Traveler, adds The Women's Travel Group to her 'Good Housekeeping' List

    Mary Beth Bond, Gutsy Traveler, adds The Women's Travel Group to her 'Good Housekeeping' List

    Long the leading women’s travel writer and adventurer, Mary Beth Bond  added our group to her list of top women’s travel companies. We read her Gutsytraveler.com site daily and always learn. Mary Beth speaks at major women’s events and you will never be disappointed. Check out her books and site frequently, and recommend her to friends. Contact her directly if you wish a fine speaker.…

  • Where is The Women's Travel Club?

    Some history: The Club was founded by Phyllis Stoller in 1992. It grew into a national organization with accolades and awards. In 2006 Phyllis sold the Club to ABC Destinations, a group tour company. The new owners closed all their businesses in October 2012, including our wonderful Women’s Travel Club.

    We reopened as The Women’s Travel Group, same people, same themes with a slight twist. We are now offering longer, more in depth tours with  ‘smart itineraries’. We are the only women’s travel group to identify this new untapped area: college educated women who want to learn as well as have fun and who want a more comprehensive tour about the country and its people.…

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