• Avoid Travel Panic with www.womenstravelgroup.com Travel List

    Getting ready for a solo trip includes being organized and being smart. Traveling in a group  like The Women’s Travel Group  is easier as you have others to help if you need it. Traveling alone is more edgy since you must be self sufficient. It will be more comfortable if you are going to an English speaking area like Ireland. 

    When you travel alone, you are your own defense, your only money holder, and your only companion. This means that if you leave anything behind because you are tired or nervous, you have no back up.

  • 5 Easy Destinations for New International Travelers

    Five Easiest Destination Areas for the New Woman Traveler

    Please share this email with friends afraid to travel.

    Some destinations are culturally hard, difficult to get to, involve a lot of jet lag or are challenging geographically. Others sound scary or are in too many headlines.

    Here are our five recommended trips for new international travelers.

    English speaking areas like England and Ireland are easier for new travelers. Besides being able to ask questions,read road signs, and museum signage,  women in English speaking areas are less lonely.

  • Will Your Next Trip be Ruined by Fake News?

    The answer might be yes. Not only Russians fake news, ads, and Facebook posts. Travel sellers do also. 

    Marketing,vague language, scare headlines can destroy your travel plans and make you lose mo ney.

    There are many ways false information reaches you. Here are some red flags listed by The Women’s Travel Group:

    Scare articles. Writers need scare headlines like the one on this blog post.  For accurate information, go to the US State Dept. which outlines dangers and concerns in parts of the world.

  • Fighting with New Electronic Devices While Traveling

    I just spent a wonderful holiday weekend, perfect until I tried to use a new computer. I kept getting messages about keychain passwords  and messages crowded the screen. So what is to be learned from an admittedly electronic novice about this nightmare?

    The easy stuff i

    s that you only need an adaptor  out of the US.  Electronic devices are manufactured to charge on different types of electricity. DC is stronger than what we are used to in the US, so your device will charge faster.…

  • Women’s Travel: Travel Tips on Sleeping Better in Hotels

    Women’s Travel: Travel Tips on Sleeping Better in Hotels

    Phyllis Stoller is an outside contributor on women and travel for Huffington Post. Here is her latest article:

    Feel free to add your tips and share them with our community of traveling women! Our favorite earplugs are here:

    www.thewomenstravelgroup.com for more smart trips for women who might be solo.

    Phyllis@thewomenstravelgroup.com    646 309 5607 for direct line.

  • When to document with a Photo?

    Everyday we read about videos and photos travelers take to document bad situations. When should you take a photo or video and how should you do it? If you are going to document situations, keep notes which include names of flight attendants, pilot etc. Your seat number and ticket number, which is the very long letters/numbers reference.

    First get the time/date on your phone set correctly. Then include something in the photo that dates and places the incident.

    When not to take a photo: 

    A manager/check in personnel has been horrible to you, ask for their card.…

  • Five Summer Travel Tips Women Need

    Five Summer Travel Tips Women Need

    Please share this with friends who make these mistakes. I do too on some Women’s Travel Group trips, so don’t fear you are the only one.

    Wrong clothes: Americans are used to frigid air conditioning in hotels and restaurants. Overseas, air conditioning is sometimes centrally controlled by the hotel or building.  Some restaurants will be open to the street or plazas. Wardrobe should be light and layered. Invest in some linen shirts and or quick dry synthetics. Cotton can be heavy, hard to dry.…

  • What Else Can We Say about United Airlines

    The Women’s Travel Group is horrified. How disgusting was the behavior of the so called “police” on the United flight that dragged a 69 year old doctor off the plane? How low will pretend “big boys” in their fake police-labeled jackets go? And how removed was the crew and captain, who so far are silent? To cap it all off, the CEO Oscar Munoz of United was rude, arrogant, and other words we cannot use here.

    From what we have read, the airline could have offered more $$$ to get passengers off the plane.…

  • Why are Solo Women Afraid to Travel Part 3

    Why are Solo Women Afraid to Travel Part 3

    This is part 3 of our ‘walk through of a trip’ illustrating why women are scared to travel.

    Part 1 was a general introduction.

    Part 2 covered  Find the trip you want, we’ll walk through the itinerary to identify  scary parts. 1- Did luggage arrive? 2-Is someone there to meet me? 3-If my plane is delayed, should I get hysterical?

    Part 3  Can you sleep in this hotel? Will you be ok in a room alone? What if you can’t do something on the trip?…

  • Why are Solo Women Afraid to Travel: Part 2

    Part 2 will address the following issues which scare us women:

    Find the trip you want, walk through the itinerary to identify the scary parts. 1- Did luggage arrive? 2-Is someone there to meet me? 3-If my plane is delayed, should I get hysterical?

    Walk thru the itinerary with us on the phone; lets find anything which you worry about and address it. Elephant ride in India? A long walk? Food?

    As the airport carrousel rolls around with everyone’s luggage, most women hold their breath.  …


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