Twitter and social media are spurring riots in both countries. Should you cancel your trips? Let’s assume you are NOT getting your money back from your travel vendor.

We have talked about this before. First, make sure the rioting is exactly where you are going. If so, is it in one neighborhood or city-wide?

Are airlines canceling flights there? Does your hotel website have a notice about problems?

In some cases, riots are limited to university areas, so avoid them when you book your hotel in fragile places. And in others- say Egypt in 2010- problems can affect all tourists and dangerously so.

Here is an example: The Rio Times Ben Tavener, on the ground covering Brazil, discusses the huge demonstrations and police activity in Sao Paulo; he writes: “Protests in Rio, which largely enjoyed a party-like atmosphere, ended with a number of bank branches having windows smashed, and two cars being set on fire outside the State Legislative Assembly building, which was later breached by protesters with at least twenty police officers sustaining injuries.”

Were it I would not cancel my trip since the Brazil riots were not aimed at US citizens or the hotel areas. Regarding Turkey, this might be another matter since Turkey stands at the nexus of NATO/ European Union/Middle East politics, etc.

In all cases, it is wise to discuss this with your travel insurer and you might have to get a supervisor on the line for a higher level opinion.

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