Comment from The Women’s Travel Group Articles about travel gear inevitably list ultra luxury items. The NYTimes just wrote about Beauty Picks for Summer Travel:
Simple Micellar Makeup Removers: $799
Charcoal Eye Mask $23
Clay Volumizing Brow and Hair Powder $25
Dior Addict Lip Glow $33
Chanel Parfum Spray $98
Sephora Vacation Lipstick $42

Here are The Women’s Travel Group’s  Best Picks for Summer Travel:

Ziplock Bags 25c and bring lots of them

Trader Joe’s Moisturizer with SPF15  $3.99

Shampoo from any hotel $0  You can repair hair in 2 shampoos when you get home

Vaseline $2

Small duct tape $4

Ricki’s Beauty Supply root crayon and other cover ups $7-15


If you want to give a wonderful travel gift, try Annick Goutal’s mini bottles of elegant fragrances. $64 on Amazon

If you like fancier cosmetics, then buy them overseas: look for Boots, Bourjois, Simple and other cheap and excellent. If in the Far East, go for the exotic organic products.

Do not spend your money on travel extravaganzas, spend it on the travel.

Tips from The Women’s Travel Group, we are casual and Chanel is not on our horizon. There are some interesting travel cosmetics sites out there, most stress expensive stuff. Contact us for more information about our tours for women and solo traveling.

Here is a more practical one: