In the back of many women’s minds are  questions we are afraid to ask a guide. Often we worried women stay home for fear of ‘ embarrassing situations’.  So what are our major embarrassing hang ups?

Bathroom needs: Many women  have urgent bathroom needs. Some of this is medical; some  because we are worried about not having a bathroom at hand. I know personally, that as soon as I go to the theater in New York, I  begin to think about the bathroom line and if there is time to get to the front!

Some women get car sick or more embarrassing: they did not know they would get car sick until it happened.

Some lose things, usually due to travel fatigue. By the time you leave a second or third item, it becomes an anxiety to ask the guide for help in retrieving a lost item.

Telephone anxiety is a new phenomenon. Women who cannot connect to either their wifi or phone lines can become very agitated. We encourage everyone to be in telephone contact with our guide/our main offices or each other. After all many of us are traveling alone. We hear: “I am such a dope, I cannot make a call”. Today the inability to use a smart phone is akin to illiteracy in their minds.

And finally and often the worst, medicine is dropped or forgotten and women are reluctant to share this with the guide who can summon a doctor.

The amazing thing is one of the above has happened to each of us. We survived. When traveling with a group of women, nothing is embarrassing; everyone is empathetic. Nothing is unique. Everything has happened to all of us once.

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