• Travel gifts for yourself while quarantined.

    Travel gifts for yourself while quarantined.

    Travel gifts to buy for yourself while quarantined, or housebound or limited. All are available on line.

    Longchamps carry on bag in a dark but ‘cool’ color. If you buy in a dutyf free shop, you pay a bit less $145 vs $120?. Choose the  style that has handles long enough to put over your shoulder. That style in its smallest incarnation cannot be locked ( a good idea if you sleep on the plane). Best prices are going to be when currencies are low compared to the US: Mexico City for our Mexico trips, any Euro denominated country like France or Italy for our trips there.…

  • What I learned when caught in a dangerous riot

    Yes I was in a dangerous riot along with a member of our group. Here is what happened and what we learned.  We decided to follow pedestrians all walking in one direction. Perhaps there was market? festival? parade? We ended up facing a large square, empty except for a line of men and women. Was this a parade?  We quickly noticed another line moving forward; it was one of armed police. It took a moment to realize there was going to be a confrontation.

  • Is Travel Scarier than Learning to Drive?

    Is Travel Scarier than Learning to Drive?


    Are you afraid to take your first trip with our group or anyone else? Many women admit yes.  Women of our age have surmounted  first steps and survived, often with a terrific high and new self importance.

    First day of school?  I was 5 and it was first grade in a New York public school: Public School 9.   I recall the teacher clearly: a nice middle aged Mrs. Levine with a soft voice and tricks to get us engaged.

  • Cook When You Don’t Have to? Tuscany Cooking and Seeing Tour ONE ROOM LEFT

    Cook When You Don’t Have to? Tuscany Cooking and Seeing Tour ONE ROOM LEFT


    Every year we fill Tuscan Cooking and Seeing Tour early. This year we have one cancellation, single or share.

    Why cook when you are in Italy? 

    Why not?

    $3399 based on single occupancy and $2999 based on double occupancy if share is available. Your only extras are tips for guide, chef and driver. Optional Pisa stopover pre tour.

    Your group is small-only 10 women.We stay in a lovely recently restored farm house with 10 bedrooms, 10 private bathrooms, swimming pool, wifi, several living rooms, several dining areas (inside and outside) and a huge kitchen where our chef teaches.…

  • 5 Recent Travel Headlines and How They Effect Your Trips

    5 Recent Travel Headlines and How They Effect Your Trips

    5 Recent Travel Headlines and What They Mean to Your Trips

    Please send us headlines or rumors about travel and we will be your detective. Email them here

    Fuel Costs are Up and this means ticket prices might rise. Most of us remember that huge $$ amount called Fuel Surcharges; it morphed into a vague phrase called International Charges but remained something you pay for in your taxes. Expect some increases. 

    The Dollar is remaining strong and this means that airline taxes for international tickets might fall as they are in foreign currencies.

  • Gene Autry and Your Next Trip? Watch here and share with other women

    We recently received a call from a the woman said: I have not traveled since my husband died and I think it is time to GET BACK IN THE SADDLE AGAIN. Her reference to the vintage Gene Autry song had us hunting on utube, to hear him sing. We realized that her reference meant something only to women of a certain age.  Autry appeared in 93 films, and between 1950 and 1956 hosted The Gene Autry Show television series. We, of that age, remember him from his Christmas songs and his straight shooting brave and honest roles.

  • Labor Day is for Women

    The Women’s Travel Group Wishes you a Wonderful Labor Day Weekend

    Labor Day in the United States is a holiday celebrated on the first Monday in September. It honors the American labor movement and the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, laws and well-being of the country. (Wikipedia). We all know Labor Day as the unofficial end of Summer and the beginning of planning for the Autumn and Winter.

    Labor Day is also about women and our contributions to our country.

  • How a Female Tour Operator Deals with Injury Before a Trip

    Yes tour leaders get sick and hurt also! I recently had to cancel a trip due to a serious back issue.  Now in preparing for another overseas trip, here is a plan which might be helpful for your out there. The Women’s Travel Group shares some tips:non medical as we are not doctors, just women who love to travel. 

    Get the right amount of sleep.

    Get the right quality of sleep: meaning no wine, light dinners, early to bed.

    Lighten your suitcase and re-evaluate.

  • New TSA Regulations for Women Travelers

    New TSA Regulations and Old Ones You Forgot

    TSA is always refining their rules; adding new ones, or changing old ones. Recently TSA stopped allowing powder in carry on luggage. Any passenger on an international flight bound for the US who is carrying 12 ounces or more of powder cosmetics or talcum powder, dried spices, or protein mix must now place it in checked luggage,  If you do carry more than 12 oz. TSA will likely toss your powder, delay your movements and search you more thoroughly.

  • LOW and NO Tech Travel Hints- for Women Travelers

    Each time I see an article about travel technology, my brain melts. Most of us, of a certain age, are just not interested in technology. Yes, we want a smartphone that works, wifi information and maybe a GPS. Beyond that, we just want a written document with all the details of our trip.

    If you do not know how to operate your phone, stop right here and go to the Apple Store or wherever you bought it and learn basics.

    Are we Luddites?

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