Yes, I did invest in Yelp as I was so impressed with the service.  For a woman traveling solo, it was invaluable.

Here is why I like it is easy to use, nothing technical, nothing complicated. Here is how I have used it while traveling solo and did not have others to ask for advice:

For a hairdresser in Los Angeles within walking distance of where I stayed. Yelp listed several with consumer reviews of who was good at what kind of hair and how much it cost. When I arrived at the chosen salon, there were delighted that I had found them on yelp and am sure I got special treatment as a result.

In Paris and again in London, I used yelp to find first bistros and in London gastropubs. ( That is a pub that has good food, no longer an oxymoron). Again great finds near where I was standing on the street in Paris and where staying in London. For India but probably not for the Pushkar Camel Market, yelp might have found also it.

Now the third time away from home was harder: a restaurant with great brunch in a rural part of NY State. And there it was in Brewster:  great brunch in an unassuming area of town.

So try it and let us know if yelp is useful to you when you are away. (Forgot to say 4th time, I dissed an awful car dealer on yelp. I wish I had looked at their consumer reviews first, would not have stepped foot in that dealership in the first place.) Found another one a bit further away on yelp.

Haven’t tried it for The Colors of India  Tour yet but will do before our trip. no single supplement on this one