Hysteria comes from the Greek for uterus. So let’s defy our ‘roots’ and make Holiday Travel less stressful. 5 mistakes women make

1—We over pack both carry on and checked luggage.   Stick to one color, wear your heaviest pants or suit jackets, same with any jewelry you must bring.

2–We let the guys get the aisle seats. Recheck your flight seat map before departure; some seats especially emergency row will open up 24-48 hrs ahead. If you are on a tour and only have your record locator , use that string of letters and numbers to access your reservation.

3–Keep all emails that relate to your reservation in a smart phone or even on paper. Airport staff will not know of new rules that benefit you. Example: Gold card members on AA.com may change flights same day stand by at no surcharge. Check in staff might not be aware of this benefit
4–Know other flights similar to yours. If going carry on, and early at the airport, go to the earlier gate and ask if you can switch. If the flight has checked in full, listen to announcements calling missing passengers. You can try asking for that seat if they do not show!
5–Download into a kindle or other guidebooks from your local library. Soooo much lighter to carry.

http://blog.massageenvy.com/mens-stress-vs-womens-stress  is an interesting article about women’s stress and how we cope.