Unfortunately, we do. Anticipation for your vacation often means shopping, even if just for a new tee shirt or other. Why do we do this?

Some are women coming solo and they want to make an impression- who even notices?  Others feel that shopping pre-trip is part of the fantasy of travel. Shopping starts the actual trip experience as we dream and anticipate.  Heh, Ladies!!!!

Here is what we should really be doing!

— Getting rest and ready for jet lag.
–Walking to get fitter and ‘lighter’
–Making a list of what we should pack so we do not leave home all our socks!
–Pre-paying bills that will have penalties. Telling the bank we are away.
–Making a list of service people and what they will need in our absence.
–Going over endless passwords and working out how to carry the important ones along.
–Reading the itinerary carefully and imagining each day and what it will require.

Shopping? I too love it but rarely do smart travelers bring expensive or cherished stuff on trips. It is too easy to lose when tired on the road.  Plus the room in your suitcase is always a plus when in places like India where bargains beckon. (Nov 7-21, 29013)

Join us in India where the most casual wardrobe will do it. And leave room in your suitcase for bargains.