I still hesitate when pulling that hotel shower curtain across my face. Despite the fact that Psycho was filmed over 40 years ago,the knifing in the shower scene still terrifies me.

More than men, women need extra assurance to feel comfortable in a hotel room alone. Women more than men have difficulty sleeping away from home which is a factor.  Here are a few small ways to settle into your room. Our company arranges shares for anyone who wants to avoid the single supplement. But still some solo women travelers will ask for a single.

Try these small adjustments:

Always double lock the door. Sounds dumb, but most of us but wait until bedtime to use the dead bolt.

Test all the light bulbs before accepting the room.

Test the remote control immediately; this the last bastion of old batteries.

Keep your clutter to a minimum to maintain a sense of control.

If you feel better with lamps switched or an end table moved, ask staff to do this for you.

If there is any noise: mechanical or human near  your room, change immediately.

Personalize your room with your own pillow or pillow cover? (LL Bean sells wonderful travel pillows), some junk reading? a video from a series you are watching at home?

If a hotel leaves snacks, usually a chocolate, put it in your suitcase if you want it later in your trip. They will likely not leave you another if the first is in plain sight.  And if this is a box of cookies. definitely put it away because once opened, it will disappear on the excuse that sugar attracts insects ( this has happened to me many times). When things ‘disappear’, this can throw your sense of comfort.

If you order room service, ask them to call you right before they bring the food up.

If you are a newcomer to travel, do not hesitate to make yourself a list of everything you want to know about a room. That way if you forget to ask about the safe, the wifi or a/c, you will not need to have staff come back. Same with amenities: your needs should be compared to what the hotel gives you: the two most common missing amenites are hair conditioner and a shower cap. And overseas, also a wash cloth.

Please send us your suggestions, they will help all of us skittish women who love to travel despite our nerves.  And join us on one of the last places for India Nov. 7-21 2013 or Morocco for Christmas Shares are guaranteed so huge savings.