St. Andrews, the bastion of men’s golf in Scotland, announced that they will permit women to play.  Here is how golf and travel intersect.

Men concentrate on their golf scores. Women measure the connection to others they are playing with. Men and women can be  equally competitive, but our ultimate score includes the level of  friendship we begin and end the round with.

Men bet $$. Women. Women players finish the gold game, not with money exchanges, but with family/friend/goals/health conversations.

Men golfers wear the standard: bermudas and tees. Women’s golf gear is not  easy to find, and we worry too much about it when most casual clothes will do. And hat hair is hat hair!

Men end with beer and a cheeseburger. Women end with diet coke and wish they had  ordered a cheeseburger.

Travel for men and travel for women also have differences.  We,women want experiences plus friendship from travel not just the sightseeing itself.  We worry about clothing and appearance. We love to talk and share ideas. We can devolve into competitive behavior but friendship and health and goals and family are forefront in our minds.  We are also competitive but more humane and caring. You guys at St. Andrews will benefit from the new demographics. Just add some diet coke and turkey burgers to the menu please. And put the toilet seat down.

Some contemplation from The Women’s Travel Group.