Skyscanner, a global research company, has published statistics on packing: men versus women in Thailand.

First the weird news:
Women pack 56% of men’s vacation suitcases. 6% of men say they have NEVER packed their suitcase for vacation trips.
27% of men do not pack themselves even for business trips.

Now the bad news:
56% of women pack more than men do. Women begin to pack a few days before the trip. The study says women are smarter and more organized: duh we know that.
Men pack less and pack only the night before.

Feel free to ask us for packing suggestions for all our trips. Solo women travelers, remember you are in a group so forgetting something need not be a worry.

My husband will be traveling naked, as in a million years I would not pack his stuff. That was for his mother to do. But yes, he starts the night before and yes, we have gone on trips where he had no socks to wear.
But then we have gone on trips where I had no socks also.

Pack smart for our India trip as you will shop despite your best intentions.