Why do we travel over Christmas? Some of us have far away families. Some women can only take school system holidays. Some do not celebrate Christmas at all.

Some are tired of doing all the cooking and work! 

More and more solo Christmas travelers are women. So here are tips to choose the right trip to escape from it all.

Some place different from your country avoiding the tacky reminder of red and green decorations.
Where you can go to services if you are religious or just want the experience in a foreign country.
Non-English speaking so you do not see and hear endless Happy Holiday messages with crowds and noise.
Someplace with great shopping so you can treat yourself without breaking the bank and come home fulfilled with your shopping itch.
A country with decent weather in December and minimum holiday air traffic in the airports.

Morocco is it: a non Christian, progressive modern country with historic churches, amazing shopping in ancient souks, a non Western tradition mixed with Sephardic themes. Our Christmas trip Dec 23-30 is also a bargain compared with others. Especially if you want a guaranteed room share.

Book today and have someone else do the work for a change.