Indochina Women’s TourĀ  Why return to Florida or Puerto Rico when you can have a real experience plus winter sun. March is the time when most of us flag, look and feel blah and are anxious for some early blossoms.

This year, take a trip to SE Asia for the same cost as boring old Florida. And here is what you will receive:

A fabulous itinerary with gorgeous landscapes, exotic sites, and UNESCO World Heritage experiences.

The best restaurants and local food as SE Asia have become a culinary center.

Top luxury hotels and one night on a luxury yacht. Most have spas for downtime during your stay.

Shopping time, but limited so it does not eat into your time viewing.

A guaranteed room share so you can take the $1150 savings and put it towards your next trip.

Join us even last minute to SE Asia. Florida will always be there; Vietnam and Cambodia are changing countries so see them before they look like Florida.