Please share with friends who have lost a partner.

Let me start by saying these  thoughts come from talking to you out there and from my friends.

Traveling as widow is not the same kind of travel. It can still be a meaningful experience with highs,lows and new memories. Some women use women’s travel as part of ‘re-entry’ after losing a partner. Here is our site: for reference.

Your home social circle talks to you with unwanted pity and empathetic glances.  In a travel group, no one knows your situation. No one will judge. No one will pry.

Social interaction is easier when traveling. Your women’s travel group at has the same itinerary, and the same initial conversations at our welcome dinner: What airline did you fly?  How did you find this group? Where do you live? Simple, easy, non personal.

You learn a new self sufficient way to deal with life. In a group you will have teachers. Some women know whether to tip in Paris, bargain in Istanbul, or order wine in Delhi? When overseas it is more comfortable asking for guidance from your travel mothers.

Afraid you will cry? Who doesn’t at the sight of the Taj Mahal with us in November 2015? The Eiffel Tower lit at Christmas when our group goes December 2015?   Most women find a quality trip brings tears at some point.

Concerned about the stress of independence? No one will replace your partner. Women do as a rule watch out for each other as if they were old friends;  it’s in our DNA.  Nervous about being alone in a hotel room? Ask for a share, many of us feel the same way.

So what is the best first solo trip?

One that goes to a place your partner always made a face at? Men reject India, women love it. For our trip Colors of India; click here.

One that is different in language, religion, landscape. To use our discount on South Africa Safari with a cruise: Click here?

Include a difficult holiday:Join our group to  Paris for this Christmas click here and Morocco for 2016 (almost ready)?

Finally remember to take a photo of your husband or partner. Put it on your hotel end table. Every morning and night, say:

“See I did it. I know you would be proud of me”.

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