If you are traveling solo, and want to experiment with a cruise. We recommend a river cruise.

Based on reality not fancy brochures, here are reasons:

River cruises dock in towns not sea ports thus enabling independent walking/shopping/snacking. Ports are often in swarmy neighborhoods and getting into town will require round trip taxis. Compare downtown Budapest on a river cruise vs. the port of Marseilles on a Mediterranean cruise?

River cruises offer walking/biking tours directly off the ship. This means immediate interaction with other passengers. If you miss the tour, you can still explore yourself. On a sea going cruise, you might again be left alone or faced with being by yourself in a taxi.

There are no or almost no days at sea. Days at sea are lonely in the same way that ‘free days’ are on a package tour.

There are almost no rough seas. If you are traveling solo and are sea sick, it can be scary alone in your cabin.

River cruise ships are small, with ‘living lobby’  public spaces. The entertainment is held in what appears to be a living room, not a casino or dark theater.  Again, seating arrangements are welcoming with facing  sofas and armchairs.

Meals alone are stressful especially for the new solo traveler. Most river cruises have small dining rooms and some now encourage casual dress. There are fewer ‘elite’ dining options that favor couples celebrating anniversaries.

The clincher: the single supplement on river cruises is usually less than on sea going trips.

Our group offer some river cruises if the company in turn gives The Women’s Travel Group a discount on single occupancy cabins. We must like the itinerary and this means going to unusual places one would not visit alone.  This summer we are offering Gems of SE Europe with AMA Waterways. The stops are highly unusual in exciting parts of New Europe. Gems  of SE Europe includes  places you would not travel to solo.

Call us or email us for more information on how to travel solo in a group. And not be a nervous wreck.