We are the only women’s group with Tours to Mexico.  We never cruise there….Why?

There are at least 10 reasons:

Cruise ports are Disney’d ways to enter Mexico.  Built for 1,000’s of tourists, loaded on buses, they erase the beauty seeing a pyramidor glimpsing a green parrot in the jungle.

Mexico means value; the US Dollar is 35% higher and $20 will get you an amazing gift.

Fine dining is reasonable and memorable. The number of special restaurants in culinary capitals like Puebla is staggering. Ambiance is colonial, home-like, colorful and fun.

Hotel standards are high; many hotels are boutique with flower filled courtyards, like the Casa de Balam in Merida, or elegant European chains like NH in Puebla or Westin in Cancun. 

The Women’s Travel Group has unusual contacts. These include State Department personnel, local artists, specialist guides. Who ever heard of this site: The highest pyramid in Mexico, from The Daily Mail in the UK right to our itinerary.

Shopping is cultural; buy a Talavera tile and learn about its colonial history. Eat chocolate tasting Mayan roots?  Buy silverwhich first lured Spain to these shores.

Proximity is key. You feel you are in Europe, but you are in our Central Time Zone! Flights  cost half or a third of a European flight.

Food is amazing with new culinary centers like Puebla. Corn, beef, chilis from mild to hot, chocolate, custards and dairy products, avocados, and tomatoes.  Vegetarians will be happy. Gluten free can much away on corn tortillas.

Museums will startle with modern award winning displays and activities.  

Itineraries include the best of each area: learn but also laugh.

Join us to Merida and The Yucatan, Puebla, Cuernavaca and Cholula, Ixtapan Spa or Mexico City in 2016-7. Details are on our site and  also here:

Merida and the Yucatan Dec 2-7 2016 Only a few rooms left. December 2016

Puebla, Cuernavaca, and Food February 2017

Ixtapan Spa February 2017

Mexico City march 2017

Passports needed for Mexico. Call us anytime to talk about our trips or just to get acquainted.

Phyllis is at 646 309 5607 Phyllis@thewomenstravelgroup.com