We used to say: Do not wear white sneakers as it labels you as an American tourist  not good for bargaining in markets). Now we say: Can you even buy white sneakers anymore? A shopping excursion for new sneakers for our December 2014 Sicily trip and its walking on Greco-Roman ruins, unveils that sneakers today are neon colored, often psychodelic wild. However many are ultra light in ounces, making them easily packable.

We usually suggest comfy walking shoes, and packing lightly so guess we’ll go with the hot pink Nikes. Other super light packing essentials: gym clothes wearable as real clothes, toss out socks ( H&M are great for these), leggings if you can carry them off, Chinese ballet slippers for the non walking dinners.

Connecting through London to Sicily Dec 4-12? Buy all you need in Boots in the airport and leave home the heavy bottles of personal products.