Just had a call from a new traveler who is interested in Morocco for Thanksgiving. Her question: is it scary? There is a broad line between scary and exotic and here are some of the guidelines for that frontier.

Scary is being alone is a crowded market where the language and writing are foreign. Exotic is wandering with our guide in a Moroccan souk knowing she is watching out for you.

Scary is finding you are in a political demonstration. Exotic is being in a country when eventful things are happening, like our group in Buenos Aires, Argentina on the anniversary of Evita’s death. We generally do not visit places where there is an angry election scheduled!!! One of the quiet advantages of going with a group is the guide knows what to avoid.

Scary is looking for your driver/guide when you arrive alone in a new area. Exotic is doing it with someone else whose flight coordinates with yours. We will always arrange an airplane sharer if you wish! And we have a 24/7 telephone number to call when you are overseas.

Scary is not knowing what to expect. Exotic is having an open mind, looking through uncomfortable scenes and talking about them. Our group is known for its intelligence and we supply a reading list for you also. Our reading list is not fluff, but both fun fiction and real non-fiction. Here is the Morocco reading list.

Finally scary is trying  The Women’s Travel Group trip for the first time solo. Exotic is going and finding out how many others love to travel and will travel with you again. For more information on scary vs. exciting: also feel free to call us at 646 309 5607. We are not scared by any questions.