Today a SWAir jet had to stop in Omaha to get a crazed passenger off the plane (he tried to open the read hatch). What can you do if someone near you is difficult, odd or actually talking scary? The answer is not really much. My experience was with a man who refused to let me lower my seat back on an 8 hour flight. He was aggressive towards me and then towards the crew.

The answer is here: first ask crew for help. They will usually try to talk to the passenger. They will try once again if the behavior continues and you tell them. Now here is the tricky part: The FAA rule says: Interference with the duties of a crew member, not comfort of a passenger. Passengers must comply with the request of a crew member, but again this refers to safety issues.

So what do you do? Best answer: keep asking the crew, it will be uncomfortable for you especially if you are traveling solo. They will then ask you if you want to captain involved. In my case on the 8 hour flight, I was embarrassed to ask for the captain. Never again especially on a long flight like the one our India group will have! Next time something like this occurs, I will count up to 5 requests for help from the crew, then ask for the captain.  I will not say it is unfair not to let me put my seat back; I will say: my circulation is badly impacted!!!

I did write to the airline, but got a silly response.

Final note from the FAA and the exact number to call:  Passengers are encouraged to report any aviation safety concerns to the gate agent or flight crew. In addition, any incidents or concerns also may be reported to the aviation safety hotline on 1-800-255-1111.