Five don’t for long distance travelers:
1-Don’t brush your teeth in the bathroom on planes,nasty water dirty area.
2-Don’t take a sleeping pill. You will still be jet lagged and sleeping through a long flight creates¬† a risk for dehydration and worse: clots.
3-Don’t leave valuables unattended even if you have them on your person-rest on them like the Princess and the Pea.
4-Do not treat yourself to the salted snacks or that second glass of wine.
5-Do not let others bother you; it is better to ask neighbors to lower music or windows or conversation than to suffer for hours.

Do enjoy the experience by bringing your own treats, watching movies you missed and catching up on junk or smart reading. Travel tips from The Women’s Travel Group.¬† Join us to Morocco for Thanksgiving and for other trips from Italy to India. Fine hotels to luxury Italian farmhouses….