Ten Ways To Get in Trouble on Your Vacation

From The Women’s Travel Group

You wear jewelry even gold-colored costume jewelry.

You do not put our IPad in a bigger bag in airport security.

You do not empty your wallet of a department store and other credit cards useless overseas.

You leave your valuables near your airline seat when you use the facilities.

You wear clothing or large baggage tags, which identifies you to strangers (football team hat?)

You let your guard down in places that feel safe like museums or private galleries.

You do not lock your carry on luggage.

You stand on a street corner using your smartphone.

You do not write down the name of the representative who told you erroneously how to turn off roaming charges.

You do not look down at broken sidewalks or cobbled stones.

The Women’s Travel Group is an award-winning tour company for women. Be smart and stay safe. 

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