Norwegian Airlines,one of the largest in Europe, is being blocked from new routes US-Europe by lobbying from our BIG Airlines. We recently wrote about Airline Safety. Apparently Norwegian meets the standards listed in that article.

So guys, if you want us consumers to book higher airfares rather than fly on Norwegian, then give us a bone:

Better ff benefits that you just snatched from us.

A nibble? A peanut? A chip or two?

Don’t charge for a tissue.

Add some decency to your approach. One article about Norwegian says that upon landing with a delay, the staff announced that passengers in coach with connections could depart with the higher class passengers. Duh, that did not cost much.

The Women’s Travel Group often recommends that our members use European discounters like Ryan Air, Easyjet, and Air Berlin. They are safe, as reliable as the BIG GUYS and much cheaper. Always feel free to call us for tips on saving on airfare. Travel Tips from with tours to Iran, China, Italy, Morocco, Brazil and many more.

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