Most serious travelers pay little attention to how we look when on the road for vacation. We hate overpacking and the associated burden of unpacking once home.  Solo women figure they will never see anyone they know! So here are a few ways not to be UGLY on the road.

Face and Hands: Bring your night cream and consider using it even before/during day flights. When on long trips, pay the fee to use an airport lounge for a shower/freshen up mid-trip. Plan ahead with shampoo. A substitute for conditioner can be a dollop of moisturizer mixed with water or sunscreen. Bring a toothbrush/pre-pasted (they are sold that way FYI), a bottle of water for mouth rinsing, facial cleanser wipes (Oil of Olay is one), and hand wipes or scented-moisturizing alcohol gel. Note: some people who use these gels frequently have reactions to some strong toxic ingredients. Then use an essential oil mixture.. You can make your own with aloe vera gel, water, essentials, and a good shaking bottle.

Clothes: no sandals on the plane where your feet will touch a filthy carpet or bathroom floor! Wear fuller shoe coverage, with socks. Dark colors or khakis, wrinkle-free fabrics, coordinated look.  As much as we love cotton and linen, they are not for travel. Acrylic, nylon, olefin, polyester, and blends of these synthetic fibers attract oil stains. Avoid fruit that stains artificial fabrics: besides the dark berries, apple is one. Go for dry unspillable food.

Freshen up clothes that reek of smoke with Febreze Fabric Refresher to Go in a 2.8 oz bottle.  Most of us do not carry perfume, but how about a spritz from the duty-free area of your favorite? The vendors do not mind.

A final note: no eye make up: this is a guaranteed mess after a long flight. And be careful about opening any cosmetics in the plane; they will pop out due to the cabin pressure.

Our flight to India is long so trying some of these tips to make yourself feel better.