Yes a week away, one can get ready for a trip like our Tuscan Cooking Journey.

Here is my 7 day alert:
Cut down on hard to digest food especially sugary things, so I sleep better and feel fresher for an overnight flight.
Stretch an extra 10 minutes each morning or at least before the end of the day. That helps when you have to sit forever on planes, airport chairs, taxis etc.
Unsubscribe from all new spam to lower the amount of data to paid for overseas.
Monitor weather in Tuscany and compare to what I am wearing at home right now. That helps to avoid overpacking.
Begin to think about all the things I do NOT need or use on a weekly basis and can buy there: cosmetics are the heaviest items in this grouping.

Some of us are meeting in Pisa first; can’t wait to see the Leaning Tower again and enjoy a week of sightseeing, food and cooking…..  We will all get a recipe book at the end of our trip.  Will be fascinating to compare Tuscan cuisine with that of Sicily in December on that trip. Tuscany was sold out immediately so do not delay on booking Sicily. Solo women will get a share guarantee on Sicily as they did on Tuscany.