For some time now, Kenya has been experiencing an uptick in crime. The UK government today evacuated tourists from the popular beach resort, Mombasa. At The Women’s Travel Group we monitor our destinations carefully and when you look at our list, you will not see Kenya this year. We follow potential areas using several tools:

US State Dept. website of course is our first go to, but the US is sometimes delayed in updating serious information. An example is the warning on the Ukraine which was updated after days of unrest. However you can always look at the country specific page on the State Dept site and there will be an email for a State Dept employee in the country. We have found them responsive to general questions about safety.

There are also similar government sites for the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and each will have a different take on the situation. Each country has a unique diplomatic relationship with your destination which can color their warnings.

So first ask us what we know from people on the ground. Then do your research avoiding headlines from CNN types. Check with your travel insurer and ask what they know.  Don’t be dumb, but don’t be a scaredy cat either.

The Women’s Travel Group is offering a trip to South Africa in February 2015 for those who wish to see game in Africa. Other destinations are India, Sicily for Christmas markets and many more.