If you have any brains, you can tell when someone is a fake reviewer on TripAdvisor.  Similar to email spam, fake reviews have misspellings and inaccuracies. Like the person talks about a family vacation but their profile is a solo travler. Duh

In any case, you can contact reviewers via the site. I have found that the few bad reviews I have read about one hotel I follow, have reviewers who never answer your outreach to them. It is almost as if negative reviewers are happy to blast a hotel or service then hide when you need more information. So when you look at reviews read them in the following way:

1- Is the reviewer scattered in their language and in such a hurry they appear frivolous?

2- How many other reviews have they done or is this a one time vendetta?

3- Do they answer your query for more info?

4- Did management respond to their review. Not all hotels do respond but be impressed if one does.

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If you follow those three themes, you will have a better handle on TripAdvisor’s validity.