Wait lists are used by all kinds of companies to generate interest in their products. In travel, they are used for 4 reasons mainly

The obvious one is that the trip is full or at least the desired number of people have booked. This might be like our discount at Canyon Ranch, where we are only allotted a specific number if places at a special price. PS we have a wait list on this one, so send us your name if you want to be on it. Solo travelers who will take a share have a better position as singles are hard to get at Canyon Ranch.

Or it might be like Myanmar- Burma, where the entire boat only holds some 60 passengers and the cruise line does not want too much reliance on one agent.

Or it might be a way to cover up that a trip did not sell and is being cancelled. This is common in our industry, and there is no way to see under the covers. No names mentioned here.

Finally a wait list might be a way to hike prices. If you have ever walked by some hip stores and seen the guards and line outside, then peaked into a half empty store, you get it. All those two for one deals are part of this; two for one for tickets through credit cards or on cruises are rarely more than twice the price divided by two….

So when you see a trip that really entices you, book it then and there. Do not get caught up in the wait list game.  Join TheWomensTravelGroup.com on our trips, no games but yes we do have wait lists on the most popular tours. Our founder is going to India and Sicily this year.